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Bekir Bediz 
Carnegie Mellon University Multiscale Manufacturing and Dynamics Laboratory – USA
Lecture Title: A novel fabrication technique for dissolvable microneedle arrays

Necip Berme
The Ohio State University College of Engineering Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - USA
Lecture Title: Biomechanics from 1970s to Present and Beyond: a personal history

Ahmet Erdemir 
Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute Department of Biomedical Engineering (ND20) - USA
Lecture Title: Leveraging modeling & simulation in biomechanics for scientific discovery, medical innovation, and clinical care

Boyko Gueorguiev
AO Research Institute Davos
Program Leader Biomedical Development - SWITZERLAND

Bernd Grimm
President of European Orthopaedic Research Society
AHORSE Research Foundation - NETHERLAND

Yener Yeni
Henry Ford Hospital Bone & Joint Center - USA
Lecture Title: Bone Imaging and Biomechanics
Can A. Yücesoy
Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory in Boğaziçi University at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering – TURKEY  
Lecture Title: New Approaches to Skeletal Musle Mechanics With Major Clinical İmplications